Rise, a vocal interpretation of sea-level data, was performed on 22nd February, 2017 for the opening of The Intercontinental, an exhibition of works by Slade PhD students responding to the Post-Truth Society at Roaming Room, London.

Light Transmission

Light Transmission aired on 87.9 FM in and around the Wellcome Collection between 22nd-25th October, 2015 as part of the Bloosmbury Festival 2015 event, Playing with Light. Commissioned by the Wellcome Collection with UCL, Light Transmission is a light installation that charts a changing relationship to visible light, featuring music from the middle ages to the present day by artists from around the British Isles. More information here.


Beam is a new interactive sound and light installation created in collaboration with musician and physicist Geoff Cottrell. It was displayed on 9th November, 2015 as part of Perpetuo’s chamber music concert, Heavenly Sights, an evening of music inspired by space, flight and motion. More information and booking here

Counterpath Press, Denver

I travelled to Denver and Montreal in June 2014 to present performance work at Counterpath Press, Denver and the Hemi Encuentro, Montreal, with support from the Arts Council England AIDF and a Jean Spencer and Malcolm Hugues Award from the Slade.